terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Victor Iannarelli and Leandra Saez

We can play soccer, swim, play voleyball,ice skate, ride a bike, run, play basketball and “queimada”.We can play soccer very well and we play it at CNSD. Leandra can play the keyboard. Victor can’t play any musical instrument. Leandra can dance and write and Victor can draw. Leandra would like to visit to Paris, she can visit many parks and museums there. Victor would like to visit New York. Victor can visit many parks and touch the snow.

Itabira is beautiful, big, cool and very nice.There are 370.865 inhabitants in my city.There aren’t many tourist here.”Cinemax”,Salada and Tia Eliana are nice places for teens to go in my city.

terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

Caio and Larissa

         We are Larissa and Caio .We are 12 years old and we are from Itabira.
We study at FIDE and at Number One Itabira .We study at 6º grade.
 We like to listen to music very much!
 Our city is beautiful, big and cool.                    
            There are 370.865 inhabitants in our city. There aren’t many tourist there. There are nice places in our city: ‘Cinemax’, Salada and Tia Eliana.

We usually travel to Marliéria on our vacation by car with our family.
We love to travel!
  Marliéria is a small city, but it’s beautiful.
  There aren’t many tourists there. We can swim, visit “Mirante” and have lots of fun!
               We are going to travel to Marliéria next week.

On the weekends, Larissa’s family travel to Marliéria and have lots of fun there!
 Larissa can play sports but not very well. She plays them at her school. She can play the guitar and the Keyboard. She has especial skills: drawing and speaking other languages.
    Larissa wants to visit Fernando de Noronha. She can swim with the dolphins there. She wants to visit Canada too. She can touch the snow.            Larissa takes Keyboard Classes, religious Classes, English Classes, Guitar Classes and Piano Classes.
She usually goes to school in the morning.
 She goes to extra courses and watches TV in the afternoon. She watches TV, does her homework, surfs the net and listens to music at night.
 Larissa likes to listens all kinds of music. She doesn’t have a favorite song and a favorite band.
 There are five people in her family. She has two brothers. Vitor is 9 and Igor is 15.
Larissa’s mother is beautiful! She is blond and thin. She is a housewife.
 Her father is handsome, and he has black hair. He is a businessman.
                He goes to Marliéria with his family on the weekends.
 Caio takes English and Religious Classes too. In. the morning he goes to school and in the afternoon he has extra courses and in the evening he watches TV and goes to bed at 10 o’clock.Caio can play soccer, basketball and handball very well. He can play them at school and at the club. He can’t play any musical instruments and he doesn’t have special skills.
                       Caio likes all kinds of music and he doesn’t have a favorite band. He doesn’t have a favorite song either. There are four people in his house. He has one brother (Breno). His mother is blond. She is 42 years old and she is a housewife. His father is short and he has wavy hair. He is 47 years old. He is a businessman.
            He wants to visit Paris. He can visit the Eiffel Tower and museums.
Caio wants to be a soccer player because it is cool. He doesn’t have any special plan for this semester.
Caio wants to be a soccer player. He doesn’t want to be an exchange student. A trip to the U.S.A is the trip of his dreams. He wants to get marrid one day and he wants to have two children
We want to be doctors when we grow up.We have some special plans for this semestre: pass the school year.
We want to be doctors in the future.We want to be exchange students. 
Leandra dreams of traveling to Canada and Victor dreams of going to the U.S.A.
We want to get married one day. Leandra wants to have two children.Victor doesn’t know if he wants to have children.

terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

Túlio e Matheus

Hello, we are Túlio and Matheus. 
Túlio is twelve years old and Matheus is eleven years old. We are from Brazil and we study at Number One Itabira. Túlio is in the 6th grade and Matheus is in the 5th grade Túlio doesn’t take any extra courses but Matheus plays soccer. 

In the morning we go to school. In the afternoon Túlio watches TV and Matheus play Video Games. At night, we sleep. We like to listen to music, we like rock and roll. Matheus's favorite bands are Guns`s´Rosers and Red Hot Chilly Peppers; Túlio doesn’t have a favorite band Matheus's favorite song is “Californication”, Túlio favorite song is “Hotel California”. 

There are are four people in our family. We have one brother. Matheus´s  mother is a businesswoman. Her hair is black. Matheus`s father is businessman, hisr hair is black. Tulio's mother is a maneger, and her hair is black. His father is tall and he doesn’t have much hair, he is a technitian. Túlio visits his relatives on the weekends and Matheus play soccer with his friends. We have many friends, Túlio doesn’t have a best friend, but Matheus's best friends are Lucas, Hadilson, Gabriel, Pedro and Matheus.
Túlio goes to Bh or goes to his farm on the weekends and Matheus plays soccer with this friends and rides a bike. We go to school and study  the morning. Túlio has two dogs. Their names are Fofinho and  Jade. Matheus wouldn’t like to have a pet. 

Túlio doesn’t know what he wants to be in the future but Matheus wants to be a soccer player . Túlio doesnn’t have plans for this semesters. Matheus wants to travel to São Paulo and BH.

Tulio wants to have a lot of money in the future and Matheus wants to be a famous soccer player. Túlio doesn’t want to be an exchange student but Matheus does. Túlio would like to travel to the U.S.A. We would like to get married. We wuld like to have 2 children.

Tulio usually travels to Nova Vicosa and Matheus usually travels to the beach on their vacation. Tulio goes to Nova Vicosa by car and Matheus goes to the beach by plane.
Tulio's family is going to travel with him and Matheus's family is gonig to travel with him too.
Nova Vicosa is very bealtiful ! Matheus thinks São Paulo is bealtiful too. Both cities have many tourists. Tulio is going to Nova Vicosa on his vacation and Matheus is visiting his aunt and his uncle.
Tulio doesn`t know if he is going to Nova Vicosa this vacation but Matheus is going to São Paulo.

Tulio can play volleyball. We can play basketball and Matheus can play soccer very well.We can play them at home, at school and at clubs; Tulio cannot play any instrument and Matheus can play the guitar and the eletric guitar. Matheus doesn`t have any special skill.
Our city is Itabira.
Itabira is bealtiful, very good and small 
There are 370.865 inhabitants. 
There are not many torists in our city but if they come, they can go to Memorial and Love peak. There are nice places in Itabira. Cinemax tia Eliana, Salada, Romana, Calavine, Labinho, Voleyburguer, Sanduixin Sanduixao and Bretas. They are nice places for teens to go.

Matheus can visit new York 
Tulio can visit the USA because it's beautiful. Matheus can visit the USA because his relatives live in the USA.


Victor Iannarelli and Leandra Saez

  We are Leandra Carla Saez Martins and Victor Iannarelli Araújo Couto.We are twelve years old  and we are from Brazil. We study at Number One Itabira and at Colegio Nossa Senhora das Dores. We study in the 6th  grade. Victor takes English and soccer classes. Leandra takes keyboard classes, English classes, Private classes, Swimming  classes. Victor usually goes to school and  takes English classes. Leandra goes to school in the morning; in the afternoon she goes to Number one on Tuesdays and Thursdays; she takes swimming classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, and she has private classes every day .

   We like to listen to music and we like country music. Victor’s favorite singers are Fernando and Sorocaba, SOJA, Bob Marley, Cris Brow and Cody Simssons. Leandra’s favorite singers are Joao Bosco and Vinicius, Fernando and Sorocaba, Guilherme and Santiago, Eminem and ExaltaSamba. Victor’s  favorite song is “Perfect girl”. Leandra’s favorite song is “Hey soul sister”. There are four people in our family: Victor has only one sister. Leandra has only one brother. Victor’s mom is blond, she’s cool. Leandra’s mom is blond, tall and beautiful. Victor’s father has black hair and he is a businessmam. Leandra’s father is tall, thin and cool. He is a truck driver. Victor and his parents go to the farm on the weekends. Leandra and her parents go out on the weekends.

Leandra usually goes to Praia do Morro on her vacation.Victor usually goes to Cabo Frio. We usually go to the beach by plane. We usually go with our family."Forte Beach" and "Morro Beach"
are big, beautiful, there are many tourists there. We can swim, play voleball, go shopping and meet new people. Leandra is going to travel to "Morro Beach" this year .Victor is going to travel to Cabo Frio. We going to travel in july.